Vital Quest - 4.0 and Earlier Versions



Highlights of Vital Quest 4.0 software



Case Taking Module

A case taking module which will make the user independent in the thinking process.

VitalQuest helps you in various ways during the case taking process: 
1.    The software observes important words 
2.    Helps to check the context of words used in the case 
3.    Showing you words that are related together in one classification 
4.    Guiding you as to what you are suppose to do at each step of case taking 
5.    Helps you if you are stuck in a case and need further guidance 




















The software has a highly interactive analysis that offers you multple checks to avaoid any error. A unique system that guides the physician from mere words used by the patient to the energy of t he source.  




















Reference Info

Detailed infromation of all the kingdoms viz. Animal, Mineral, Plant, Nosodes, Sarcodes and Imponderables.



Animal Kingdom : There is substanntial data regarding natural information and its Homoeopathic correlation about the animal kingdom and each sub-kingdom like Mammals, Birds, Insects, Mollusks etc. It also includes infomation about specific animals in those sub-kingdoms like Cheetah, Beetles, Octopus etc. alongwith their Homoeopathic understanding.



















Mineral Kingdom : New refined knowledge of the rows, columns and each individual elements of the Periodic Table.



















Plant Kingdom : Detailed info of more than 30 plant families,which are mapped alongwith their miasmatic classification.



















Book Library : Alogwith the program there is a reference library consisting of many source books by pioneers like Hahnemann, Herings 10 volumes, T. F. Allens 12 volumes, Clarkes Dictionary, Kent, Boger, Boenninghausen etc.  & all of  Dr. Rajan Sankaran's book (in PLUS module.)



















Powerful Search Utility : The software has an easy to use search facility which can browse through thoussands of pages and present you the result in a simple way. You can also search only a sepcific plant or mineral or animal or any classification using many filters available.




































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