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From Shadow to Light

  • ISBN: 978-93-80355-71-9
  • Cover: Hard Cover
  • Pages: 280
  • Price: $ 60.00
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  • Book Type: Hard copy

  • In this book, Dr. Sankaran introduces his latest approach to case-taking  called the WISE ( Witnessing the Inner Song Experience) processes.

    One of the main benefits of using the unique WISE processes is that it serves as a really good bypass from the patient’s life story and situation and takes us directly into his imagination and  core experience.  What emerges from the process makes the homoeopathic remedy very clear for the physician. The processes also can prove therapeutic for the patient.  Through detailed cases Dr. Sankaran takes us step by step into this journey. The WISE processes take Homeopathic case taking to a level far deeper than ever before.

    Review by Luke Norland

    “The ideas in this book are very stimulating, as always, and reminded me of the effectiveness of Dr. Sankaran's case-taking approach. I found myself immediately becoming more aware and in-tune with the non-human-specific expressions and hand gestures of my patients. The descriptions of how to engage in the WISE case-taking process are very clear. The instructions given for helping the patient access their inner pattern and deeper levels are the clearest yet! It can be put into practice straight away within the context of a regular consultation.

    To summarise, it is a very clear distillation of Dr. Sankaran's case-taking process. For those who are already familiar with Synergy and Sensation, it is a very clearly laid-out reminder of how to understand and work with the levels in case-taking. I imagine that, even for those unfamiliar with the previous works, that it would be a very good primer to stimulate interest in exploring previous works.

    This title really hones in on the case-taking process itself, which makes the technique much more accessible. Even when you are familiar with the process, you still need reminders of how to use it in the most effective way. This book definitely achieves that!”

    - Luke Norland

    Review by Dr. Sudhir Baldota
    Thank you for this book. From Shadow to Light, just finished reading it in silence from cover to cover. HMP online was kind to send a copy promptly.

    Heliatus leucocephalus ; Alumina ; Hyoscyamus Niger ; Sarracenia purpurea; Limnoperna fortune, Mytilus edulis ; Cyclamen and Actea spicata.Witnessing how each of the above cases unfolded and went deeper and deeper towards their individual experiences was a treat to observe. The comments in between these cases made it further clear and lucid to understand each case. Even though some aspects were seemingly familiar with Synergy and Sensation it was lovely to observe the artistic process. How each patient narrated their individual experiences looking at ...the trees, swans, lotus, elephants, goat, landscape, woman & Ramana Maharishi.

    quote : 
    “ One picture is worth a thousand words “ 
       Albert Einstein.

    Wow! this technique being so so refined yet fairly simple to understand will take years of consistent training, practice and patience to make it reproducible in practice not only for a beginner however for an experienced practitioner too.  

    It was interesting to also see,how not to get lost in stories and miss out on what truly is important about each individual case & how these dots finely connect to each other to form a pattern at a deeper level. How subtly and patiently you detached the patient from his / her logical thinking mind , yet remaining in question of not knowing what will he / she will express next & step by step patiently  “ exploring - observing - exploring - observing “ their gestures , their pattern and energy emerged was a fountain of joy to experience. As Misha said a AHA moment the other day.

    Words are falling short in this very moment to express how it felt reading this wonderful book.

    Thank you once again for sharing this knowledge & WISE process for Homoeopaths and Homeopathy at large. 

    Gratitude & Love


    Review by Dr. Prasad Rasal

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